The Greek Gift
(Bishop sacrifice in chess)

Ironman: So, if I understand you well, then are you saying that a fact can only be confirmed after an affirmative answer on a scientific question. Am I correct?

Goliath: Yes, indeed.

Ironman: And that such a scientific question will result in either true or false?

Goliath: Yes, indeed.

Ironman: When the assertion can be proven in time to be true, then is the subject of the assertion always a fact?

Goliath: No, that is not true. It must be comprehensible, comparable and measurable. The existence of a time machine is not true, but that is not a fact as it was never comprehensible, comparable and measurable.

Ironman: So a fact is something that is comprehensible, comparable and measurable and a scientific question is a search for an answer about the truthfulness of a fact?

Goliath: Yes, that is correct.

Ironman: Is it only a fact when all those three characteristics are set? Is there anything else we should need to know?

Goliath: No, you don't. It is all fairly straightforward actually. We need good numbers to base our environmental policies upon and not mingle ethical questions with scientific questions. Ethical questions should be based upon factual information coming from proper scientific research.

Ironman: Are facts only facts when they can be comprehended and are comparable and measurable or can something be a fact without being comprehended, comparable and measurable at the current time?

Goliath: Facts can be unresolved today, but that does not prevent them to be a fact.

Ironman: So a fact can be something of which we think that it has the capacity to become comprehendable, comparable and measurable?

Goliath: Yes, indeed.

Ironman: Is this capacity to become comprehensible, comparable and measurable a characteristic of the fact itself or of the progress of science?

Goliath: Being comprehensible, comparable and measurable are characteristics of the fact itself. We have made scientific progress when we can measure facts that were previously out of reach. An example of such a fact is that chess is a win, a loss or a draw for one of the players. What it is, is beyond our current understanding. That does not change the fact that one of them is a fact.

Ironman: Do you think that the first scientists could predict Quantum Mechanics or the DNA string?

Goliath: Certainly not. There is some anecdotical evidence to prove that: Antoni Leeuwenhoek, who invented the microscope saw a completed little man in a sperm cell. It was in his time impossible to have a grasp of DNA.

Ironman: Can you on the other hand predict the future of science?

Goliath: Just as those great men could not predict our scientific level can I not predict the scientific accomplishments of the future.

Ironman: Can you by any means predict the future?

Goliath: No, I can not.

Ironman: Do you happen to know what you do not know?

Goliath: No, of course not. What a question!

Ironman: But can you then explain to me how you can make a distinction between events that will be comprehensible, comparable and measurable in the future and those events that will never be? I will make it easy for you: you only have to prove that we can never prove that God exists.

Goliath: But we know already that we can not prove that God exists.

Ironman: How do you know?

Goliath: It has been proven in 1500 years of theological debate.

Ironman: So? I asked you how you can prove that it can never been proven in the future? Not in your past, we both know that. Can you give me evidence that God will never be comprehensible, comparable and measurable in the future?

Goliath: No, I can not.

Ironman: So it is undeniable that God is a fact.