Loek Bergman

This website is mainly a blog. I write here about subjects that have at some moment in time my interest. The variety of subjects can therefor be widespread. I have written about logic and mathematics, about some philosophical books that inspired me and some subjects that just crossed my path. The majority of blogs is in Dutch, but some of them are in English. Most likely charcoal English as the most accurate translation of my surname is miner. My apologies for the inconvenience, but it is my nature.


The hidden side of this site is that it is built on my selfmade websitesystem 'Mibuntu'. There are several reasons why I once decided to build a whole websitesystem of my own. One of the main reasons is that I use for years a lot of open source software. Open source software is software that is free for use by anyone. It starts already with the Operating System I am using: Debian. And I can use Libre Office, Thunderbird, gedit, Netbeans and a lot more programs for free. I am very grateful to all those people that make this possible. It moves me deeply.

I want to do something in return. I want to give something in return to the open source community. Several years ago I decided that my contribution would be a content management system. Did I know that the next five years this project would be constantly on my mind and never get finished? A few years ago I bought myself a book as a present that I could open when the system would be finished. Since then several years have passed and I forgot which book I had bought for myself. So I can give myself a really unexpected present and the open source community too. I hope that some people in that vast open source community will be just as happily surprised with my content management system as I will be with my new book. Or even more.

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